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Kullu Manali Culture

The fairs, customs, food habits, beliefs, apparel and occupation explicate the hard-earned modus vivendi of the aborigines. The individuals of Kullu believe straightforward living and perseverance. The fairs and festivals celebrated within the natural depression area unit an imperative a part of the native attribute. These vivacious fairs carry nice non secular and economic importance for the individuals here. The customs and rituals practiced within the natural depression depict the easy modus vivendi of the natives, living near Nature. The individuals here worship deities United Nations agency area unit sages, snake gods and different powerful gods and goddesses mentioned in ancient Indian scriptures. Each village has stunning temples dedicated to those deities.

Village girls - Kullu natural depression
The individuals of Kullu area unit primarily farmers, however currently the population has conjointly scattered into rising occupations as touristry, loom trade and different skillful fields like laptop applications. Over seventieth of the individuals here area unit literate. This includes associate degree equal magnitude relation of men and girls. Govt. sector is one amongst the foremost favored supply of employment.

Stone Carving in an exceedingly Temple - Kullu Valley There may be a wealthy tradition of folks arts in Kullu. The superb temple carvings, vivacious handicrafts, spectacular people dances and melodious songs show the sensitivity of the individuals. The finely build temples, castles, and forts area unit the monuments of a complicated style of design and sculpture that flourished within the natural depression in past.